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The cyber security business is broken.

Organizations spend over $80 billion a year to prevent cyber attacks yet they all still get hacked. The latest firewall or anti-malware products are not enough to prevent a determined attacker.

We provide technology-driven cyber risk & insurance solutions to retail insurance agents and InfoSec vendors that help improve outcomes related to protecting digital assets. These products are more complicated than other P&C policies and evolving at a rapid pace. Our product offerings include Cyber Insurance, CyberWarranty and Cyber Insurance as a Service. These products require specialized capabilities to craft appropriate coverage terms and conditions.

Products & Coverage

We are 100% focused on emerging risk insurance solutions. We distribute products to retail insurance agents, InfoSec vendors and InfoSec channels such as Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP’s)

Cyber Security Insurance

As we become increasingly reliant on technology, the potential impact of cyber- relatedincidents continues to grow.

Technology Errors & Omissions Insurance

Technology E&O insurance provides coverage for negligent.

Cyber Warranty

In a crowded InfoSec market, how do you differentiate your product from the latest magic potion?

Cyber Insurance-as-a-Service

For SME’s, leading security consultants recommend outsourcing security tasks to managed security providers.

Our Hackers

Cyber Risk Underwriters Advisory Board

Jeremiah Grossman`

Advisory Board Member

Jeremiah Grossman’s career spans nearly 20 years and has lived a literal lifetime in computer security to become one of the industry’s biggest names.

Robert Hansen

Advisory Board Member

Robert Hansen is the Founder and Chairman of OutsideIntel – a corporate intelligence platform. Mr. Hansen has worked for Digital Island,

Judy Selby

Advisory Board Member

Judy is a self-described “insurance coverage geek.” After litigating complex coverage matters for 25 years,

Jeffrey Smith

Advisory Board Member

Outgoing. Good-humored. Engaging. Jeffrey founded Cyber Risk Underwriters in 2017 to more efficiently distribute..

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Reasons NOT to Buy Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is getting a lot of press lately. Not all of which is favorable. Many in the information security business continue to view cyber insurance as a sham, suggesting premium costs

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