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We have limited underwriting authority but are primarily a specialty wholesale brokerage. All accounts are pre-underwritten prior to marketing.

We sell cyber, technology E&O, and miscellaneous E&O (Errors & Omissions). View our Products.
The application we require depends on the size and complexity of the risk. We strive to use short forms for risks under $25M in revenue where feasible. Get in touch to get started.

24-48 hours for most risks. We can provide quick indications in minutes.

We provide custom branded templates and always include quotes from multiple markets (unless directed otherwise). This market fluctuates and we don’t want our agents to get blindsided by their competition. All quotes include a risk assessment (aka vulnerability scan report). Additionally, we make sure all contingencies are featured and explained. We are always available to participate on joint calls with your insureds to help close deals.

We are a specialty wholesale brokerage focused 100% cyber and technology E&O insurance. As such, we distribute our products via retail insurance agents. We are happy to recommend one of our preferred retail partners to assist you with the process. If you already have a retail agent (the people that manage your other business insurance policies such as general liability, property, and workers’ compensation insurance), please introduce us!

On average, we pay our agents 12.5%.

Yes, we have cyber security experts on staff and can assist your insureds to get “cyber ready”. We also stay involved in the claims process, making sure things go smoothly. We are always available for joint calls with your insureds to help navigate complex issues.

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