Healthcare is Ransomware’s #1 Target…..

Did you know that healthcare now holds the number one spot for most cyber attacked industry?  According to the 2016 IBM X-Force Cyber Security Intelligence Index, it does.  In 2015, Financial Services held the number one spot and healthcare was not even in the top six!

Hackers have identified healthcare as their most lucrative hacking opportunity.  Some of this is driven by the increase in healthcare information that is being moved into the digital domain.  Two other factors also weigh heavily; cybersecurity awareness/education and available workers with the right skillset to combat the threat.

100 million patient records were breached in 2015, globally.  Healthcare organizations have a treasure trove of personal data that can be used fraudulently.  More so than most other industries.  Breached healthcare data is most often sold on the dark web for increasing per record costs that line the hackers war chests.  Compared to a stolen credit card number, which may sell for $1 per record, healthcare records can sell for as much as $50 or more, per record.  These figures come from data compiled by the FBI, which I have heard confirmed in person, by an agent from the FBI’s Cyber Division.  Another complicating factor with healthcare data is that unlike a credit card account, which can be cancelled if it is breached, you can’t just cancel your personal health data.


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