More than four out of five hackers blame humans for security breaches

The number one reason your SME clients don’t buy cyber insurance is they don’t understand the exposure.  However, the most prevalent breach risk is also the easiest to understand.

More than 85% of Black Hat survey participants named humans as most responsible for security breaches. Unpatched software (10%) and insufficient security technology (5%) were far behind. With perimeter security technologies considered largely irrelevant, hackers are focusing more on gaining access to privileged accounts and email passwords by exploiting human vulnerabilities.

The focus on hacking privileged and email accounts reflects a recognition on the part of hackers that traditional perimeter security is no longer a barrier to getting inside networks and gaining access to critical data. Anti-virus and anti-malware are considered the “least effective and easiest to get past” security technologies by 43% of the Black Hat survey respondents, followed by 30% of Black Hat respondents naming firewalls the easiest security technology to get past.

Great stuff to add to your cyber insurance proposals….