Security Guru Adrian Sanabria on Equifax Breach: “Should We Be Surprised?”

Just the facts

Equifax announced yesterday, September 7, 2017, that it experienced a cybersecurity incident. Equifax is one of the “big three” US credit bureaus, along with Experian and TransUnion. They lost data belonging to 143 million Americans, which sounds like a lot, because it is. That’s 57% of the adult US population. Additionally, the company says payment information for 209,000 individuals was also lost, along with dispute documents belonging to an additional 182,000.

Savage Thoughts

As the title implies, I don’t think anyone was terribly surprised by this. We’re numb to the announcement of a breach has at this point. In most cases, we’re powerless to do anything about it. It’s been shown that breaches have little to no long-term financial impact on the organizations that experience them. We’re resigned to the fact that companies will continue make security a secondary priority, will continue to get hacked and will continue getting away with no serious consequences.

If you think about it, by offering its own products as a solution to the incident, this whole thing is one giant lead-generation campaign for Equifax. Yeah, it’s a big loss leader, but it’s still a loss leader on 143 million leads.